CEO—REFT Today, India.





CEO's are many, but great ones are those who has a story. A story which has dragged them until here, to a successful position.



I being a CEO of REFT Today, an international online magazine which is read in almost every country of the world.



My journey was neither small nor simple, it had hardships, tyranny and sweat leaving. Came from a family of Zamindaars, who were more into studies than in the business of lands.



I saw my father struggling to give best of education to his four sons. I was one, amongst them. I had an ailing mother, whom also he took care off (obviously).



Higher studies were another obstacle in terms of monetory matters. Somehow, my father managed to get though my grade twelfth studies. Later, for my grads I took few tution classes to meet out with my annual fee and personal expenses.



Almighty is great, I went through that as well. Then matter of my MBA came as a hurdle, again money was the reason. One of my friends suggested me to take an education loan from the bank.



I got it and paid each and every penny including the high interest amount in two years of my job. Reason behind telling this story is nothing but boosting those who give up for the fear of losing.



My message to them is, life is big and beautiful. Live it as happily as you can and nothing is impossible in this world.



Today things are fine, I can take care of my world. All this didn't happen in a night or two, it took away my sleep with pains all around.



My message to young guns of this generation is to, have patience, work hard and smart, never to see whether it is day or night, just keep on moving and make your way to achieve utmost target.



I worked in an organization for many years, then managed to get though my own venture today. That is why I stand with my head held high.



When I started, I just had two readers, one was of course me and another one was my wife but, now REFT Today is read in almost every country of the world. Reaching to the globe was my ambition and today I am here, where I wanted to be.



Always remember that a successful CEO is the one who believes in various communicating tools, convince their team to work forth and influence others to take immediate action to reach towards their goals.



Thank you and keep reading REFT Today.