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Chicken Tikka Masala

Rajasthani Mutton

Being associated with many media houses and their groups as a celebrity chef for several cookery shows, he was also a chef at Masterchef Rajasthan last year in 2017. There are many authentic dishes which he has prepared but, the signature dishes are from the royal era such as;
1) Khad Murg,
2) Murg ka Mokal,
3) Maans ke sule,
4) Banjara ghosht, etc.

Just imagine how beautiful the situation would be when I was into the royalties of Rajasthani kitchen where I could get different cuisines to smell, to taste and to see getting things done with such mind blowing aroma in the air. Each and every dish was speaking for its own unique and tantamount taste. It was becoming very difficult for me to make out that, which dish was better than the previous one? The spices they use, the salt and other things, all remain at the higher side of the taste as compared to the spices of the other parts of India. This gives an array to the royal Rajasthani cuisines and make them stand out of the other world.

If I will speak about chef Saurabh, then automatically few of his qualities will erupt as molten magma erupts from a volcanic eruption. He is so companionate towards cooking and promoting it to the world that, he himself has planned of doing his PhD. in the LOST RECIPES OF RAJASTHAN. Cooking was always a great passion for Saurabh, he is so much into it, that he feels like, he is meditating. When Chef Saurabh was in his early teens, since then it was his dream to do something about the lost recipes of Rajasthan. That was the very first time he came to know that there are certain courses in culinary arts.

As soon as he completed his 10+2, he immediately moved to Jaipur to pursue BHMCT from the University of Rajasthan in 2004. Chef Saurabh Sharma was born in a small town named Ladnun under district Nagaur-Rajasthan. He completed his schooling from his home town only. Now, the table has turned round, hard work actually pays. The same thing happened with Chef Saurabh Sharma, no one knew when did he get associated with many National / International Chef’s associations such as:
1) ICF (India),
2) ICU (London),
3) IFCA(India),
4) WACS (France) and
5) IGCDC, Romania.

Chef Saurabh, has flogged all the less good phases of his life and has entered into an entity of life with a beautiful punch in his career. The hit of spices and the masalas of true Rajasthan, really appeal to the all Indian palate. This was the depth of knowing about the cuisines of a royal state from the pen of a chef of Ananta Group of Hotels and Institutes which has it’s multiple chains such as:
1) Ananta Spa and Resorts,
2) The Ananta, Udaipur,
3) Radisson City Centre, Jaipur,
4) Ananta, Dwarka (Upcoming),
5) Ananta, Jaipur (Upcoming).

Well, this was just a gist about Chef Saurabh Sharma, there is lots more to crave about him and his tantalizing dishes of Rajasthan. So, till then have patience and keep on reading REFT Today.

Interview taken by: Khatibah Rehmat.

Interviewed: Chef Saurabh Sharma

Picture Courtesy: Chef Saurabh Sharma.

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