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KHATIBAH REHMAT: What made you travel all through from from Lucknow to Chandigarh’s tri-city, Zirakpur?

CHEF DR. IZZAT HUSAIN: It’s really a very good question and for this I would like to say that, a young and rising entrepreneur Mr. Abhinav Tondon came in touch with me saying, though Chandigarh and Tri-city have good and relishing foods but, they are still lacking behind the Royal Cuisines over here. For instance, we are serving the Nawabi Raan and elsewhere people serve the Chikandari Raan which is cooked in oven and is quite chewy, but in our case that’s not the issue. As I believe in sharing, no matter it be food or simple recipes. So, basically this dragged me all through from Lucknow to Zirakpur, a Tri-city to Chandigarh.

KHATIBAH REHMAT: Is it true that the mutton and chicken which is served over here at Zafrani, restaurant is being imported from other cities of India?

CHEF DR. IZZAT HUSAIN: Yes, that’s absolutely true that we have mutton supplier from Jaipur and Chicken from Delhi. As, everyone knows that Chandigarh is the gateway of Hill stations and in such places we do not get good quality meat, they are very chewy and takes a lot of time to cook which results in bad taste. Not just this, we are importing spices from Lucknow. Because of all this our food is fit to be called the Royal food of Awadh in Tri-city, Zirakpur.

One more thing I would like to add is that, the food is not that expensive, the Raan we serve with a bowl of gravy and a small quantity of rice worth ₹1950 only.

People can order our special Khameeri Naan along with it. It is very digestive and is made up of yeast and not soda. This results in good digestion.

Vegetarians may not feel bad for themselves as they also have a very good options for themselves. I can’t name them all but few are, Palak Kaju, Injeer bhare kofte, Kaju Biryani, Veg Ghilafi Tangdi and more.

KHATIBAH REHMAT: Why do people say things about secret ingredients where you have nothing to hide? How do we trust on such people’s cooking that what would they have added into our meals?

CHEF DR. IZZAT HUSAIN: For me there is no secret ingredient, specially when I am working on a public domain. If people say something like that, then I believe that they should tell everything to everyone. There could be high spices or heavy nuts etc. which people may avoid in this era. Earlier, they used to do a lot of physical work so it was easier for them to digest whatever they eat. But, now life has become jerk free, no one wants to get up from their places. So, it’s better to tell everyone what ingredient is added in that particular dish? For instance, I’ve added cashews into veg biryani or in palak kaju, there everything is openly visible and now it’s upto them, whether to eat or not.

KHATIBAH REHMAT: Anything else you want to add for our readers and viewers?

CHEF DR. IZZAT HUSAIN: Last but not the least I would like to say to all those people who are willing to visit Chandigarh, then please come to Zafrani at Sushma Imporium and try the delicacies of Lucknowi Royal Cuisines here. Zafrani is a fine dining restaurant, serving fine food for fine people like you are! So, what are you waiting for? Call now to reserve your tables at: +91 98888 00328.

KHATIBAH REHMAT: I tasted almost all the cuisines spread on the table, but if anyone asks me to do a comparison between non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods then, I will say that the hard work was seen more on the vegetarian ones than the non-vegetarian. Though chef Izzat Husain and team has done a lot to prepare non-vegetarian cuisines but they have done more and more to prepare the vegetarian stuffs. It’s true, I tried veg ghilafi tangdi, I tasted palak kaju they were far tastier than the non-vegetarian ones. But, this no where means that the non-vegetarian food were not up to the mark. They were equally good, but I’m giving my personal views, may be it was my then temptations over those vegetarian food. So, the restaurant is now running from August, 2, 2022. The address is: ZAFRANI RESTAURANT, Sushma Infinium 31 and 32 first floor, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603.

The restaurant will be serving THREE slots;
Lunch: 12:30 PM to 03:30 PM.

Dinner time for early early dinners:
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Regular dinner time:
9:00 PM onwards.

INTERVIEW TAKEN BY: Khatibah Rehmat, Senior Journalist.

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