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It’s not just for the sake of a prestigious property or a cuisine that rocks over the taste buds of gastronomies but, it’s all about a young man who turned into an executive chef of a top notch place, who wins many hearts every single day with his amazing food. This is an interview of a B’ TOWN CHEF WHO IS DOING WONDERS IN A METROPOLITAN CITY. Yes, REFT Today writes about Executive Chef Surendra Singh of Kylin Experience, Chandigarh!

1) KHATIBAH REHMAT: Who were you before being a Chef? (Starting from your name, birthplace, education and family in detail).

Chef SURENDRA SINGH: Coming from a family of cultivation where my father was a full time proud farmer and my mother was a hilarious home maker, it was really tough to come out from a B’ town of Uttarakhand, Tehri Garhwal to a metropolitan city, Chandigarh. I did my schooling from there itself and it was not easy for me to make my space in this giant culinary world as an executive chef. The journey was like Sir Robert H. Schuller has said, ‘tough times never last, but tough people do’, so, as I did and am here at Kylin, Chandigarh being an executive chef. Now, I stay here in this city beautiful with my beautiful wife and two adorable kids whom I am giving best of best education from Chandigarh itself.

2) KHATIBAH REHMAT: When did you begin your career as a chef and how many rewards did you receive in your culinary career?

Chef SURENDRA SINGH: It was the year 2001, when I left Uttrakhand and decided to work as a chef at a restaurant. Now, that time has passed long ago and I have bagged two awards in my list of success. All this became easy by walking through the same path and working hard, harder and hardest. I never-ever kneeled in front of tough times, neither feared going through abnormal situations. I kept on walking and wore an illusionary crown of an actual Executive Chef today! We have to cultivate the seeds of our own success to watch our dreams blossom into reality.

3) KHATIBAH REHMAT: Did anyone give you the inspiration to become a chef or it was just your own thoughts and passion?

Chef SURENDRA SINGH: I always had a habit to explore those things which could help me out to make my career and reach to a particular goal. So, it was the time when I left my hometown in Uttarakhand, Tehri Garhwal and walked to Chandigarh-the city beautiful. There I met many people and did a lot of research to know what to opt to get a good livelihood. Then I heard about this growing culinary industry and I was fortunate enough that I went through many sources who could push me to get into a better platform. From then, a spark came into me that sooner or later I will rule as a Head Chef or an Executive Chef of a renowned hotel or restaurant.

4) KHATIBAH REHMAT: Where are you presently working and what are your future endeavours in your culinary journey?

Chef SURENDRA SINGH: Presently I am working with Kylin Experience, Chandigarh. This branchis situatedat Elante Mall in industrial area of Chandigarh. This is my fifth year in row to be a proud part of Kylin, where I am serving as an Executive Chef, as I dreamt then, when I walked from the lane down from my home to make a bright career many years back. Now, along with the team of Kylin we are planning together to wide-open our branches round the nation, keeping and spreading our pan Asian taste in our minds to the people of India and those who visit here from another countriescountries as well.

5) KHATIBAH REHMAT: Give one traditional Japanese recipe cooked at Kylin. (Along with it’s pictures). Also mention its brief history.



Sushi Rice for Sushi 120 gm
Nori Sheets 2 or pack of 0.5 gm
Avocado Fingers 3 or per slice 40 gm
Lettuce finger 4  
Chilli Mayo 5gm
Sichimi 6
Flakes 5 gm
Pickled Ginger 15 gm
Wasabi Paste Semi 5 gm
 Kikkoman 3
Soya and Apple Juice Semi 20 ml


Step 1— Take a bamboo mat, put half nori sheet on top, placing rough side up.

Step 2— Flatten the rice on nori sheet equally and flip both together.

Step 3— Place a line of avocado, lettuce and spicy mayo across the center.

Step 4— Sheetover the filling tightly and firmly with bamboo mat until the bottom reaches the nori sheet.

Step 5— Place the bamboo mat over the roll and tightly squeeze it.

Step 6— Cut the roll into 8 pieces, garnish and do the plating. Serve along with wasabi, pickled ginger and soya sauce.


It is about late 70s when Avocado came into being in Japan. They named it as the ‘Butter of the forest’, because of it’s buttery consistency first of all, then it’s all rich flavours and of course the high calorie content. Mexico introduced avocado to the Japanese citizens. But when Sushi hit the American sub- continents, then they began to gravitate to that delicacy of Japan.

Interview taken by: KHATIBAH REHMAT (Senior Journalist).

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