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She’s coming.
She’s traversing up the streams
Her excitement is palpable
She is soaring up the seas
She is going to meet her soul mate
She is flowing into the sweet waters
Creating a sweet love affair
She emerges. Here she is…
The Queen of Fish finally arrives.
At Oh! Calcutta.
Presenting the River Water Hilsa Festival!

Here comes the HILSA FESTIVAL at Oh! Calcutta, Chandigarh from July, 8, 2022. So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your tables today on either of the given numbers: 9872262640, 0172-5000005 /7. Here comes the address of Oh! Calcutta: Sector 26, SCO 40, Chandigarh 160019.

                  Lunch 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM
                  Dinner 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

As the monsoon sets in, the craving for Hilsa also kicks up. Gourmands have always sung paeans to the Queen of Fish, Hilsa and its countless delicacies. Poets and Philosophers have always derived inspiration from its delish flavours. This monsoon too, keep your date affixed with the delicious Hilsa at Oh! Calcutta. Hilsa or Ilish, is a popular river water fish which flows in an upward fashion from the corners of the Arabian Sea all the way till the Bay of Bengal. Although, it has remained the pride of Bengal, it is a sought-after delicacy and is slowly being celebrated and cherished all around the country. Owing to the tradition of celebrating the season of Hilsa, Oh! Calcutta once again brings back the memories of ancient and classic flavours of Ilish through an exciting variety of preparations.

Chef’s special happens to be the simplistic, yet quintessential–Boneless Pickled Steamed Hilsa (Aam Tel Ilish) and Steamed Boneless Hilsa (Bhapa Ilish). Other preparations from the menu include an exciting serving of Steamed Hilsa in Banana Leaves (Ilish Paturi), Crisp Fried Hilsa (Ilish Bhaja). Soak your soul in the delicacies offered by the Hilsa festival and satiate your Hilsa quench with Hilsa cooked. Oh! Calcutta are ever ready to serve you. Our question to you is, “Have you fixed a date with the Queen of Fish yet?” If not yet, then what are you waiting for? Call right away on the above given numbers.

PICTURE COURTESY: Heena (Team Oh! Calcutta)
INPUTS FROM: Siddhartha Shankar Shyam
REPORT BY: REFT Today Correspondent.

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