About Us

The word REFT stands for:

R - Real Estate

E - Entrepreneurship

F - Food

T - Travel

Whenever, these words arises anywhere in the world then, REFT TODAY is always a right place for them to be their part. If any FOUR above given industries wants us to write for them, then they just feel free to give us a call and one of our Field Reporters and a Photo Journalist will reach them accordingly.

The world of Hotels - Hoteliers, Restaurants - Restaurateurs, Chefs and their delicious, mouthwatering, tantalising food, all are here to show their guests as a whole that, what they are and what they want to give them when their guests are present at their premises? People spend lakhs and crores on endorsements and highlight their businesses through various advertisements and commercials but, in return, they get a small space to showcase themselves, that too just for a day or two. Here, REFT TODAY makes a difference, by covering your stories once and it remains for long which means being a part of REFT TODAY's family. They simply do NOT vanish like it happens in case of general commercials.


Why Choose Us

  • Connect yourselves with us and you can become a celebrity chef at just one go. Here, any chef can tell us about the food they cook and show the world what they are meant for?
  • Any big or small scale businessmen who wants to show their work with us or the businessman with a startup work, all can come up with their dreams and REFT TODAY is there to fulfill their reality.
  • Many hotels already exists, many opens every second day and several even shuts down daily. Before, you face any negative calamity, then come to us, we will be there to help you out to introduce you to the food loving and travel loving world.
  • Any Civil Engineer who has made an infrastructure with a difference can come up with their work to promote it with us.
  • Restaurateurs must be having some of their dreams to fulfill but, can’t achieve them after an extent. So, it’s the right time and the correct place to showcase their dreams into reality with REFT TODAY.
  • If the GOVERNANCE want us to endorse their state, union territory or the city then they can call us for the endorsement.
    Anybody wants to tell the world about your travel then let us make a story upon your journey
  • One of the most important parts of food industry is found on the road sides which are commonly called the street food. People generally love them. Come, explore the street food with us.

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