It's baQra EID the festival of 'SACRIFICE', not baKra EID- 'The GOAT', because 'Qurbani'; 'Sacrifice', can be done of any animal other than GOAT as well. The actual word for BAQRA EID is Eid-Ul-Zuha which is pronounced as Eid-uZ-Zuha. It can be of Camel, Buffalo, Cow, Goat, Sheep, etc. It's a compulsory act under ALLAH SWT, who earns an appropriate amount to look after their livelihood. Actually, it's a test on ones own nerves that how much can one do something for Almighty ALLAH? One must buy best of best animal and shall spend more and more on them. Every animal's sacrifice is done in accordance to their ages. Like if we begin with the camel, then it's age should be of five years minimum, then buffalo and cow should be two years of age minimum, then it comes to the goat and the sheep, their ages should be of one year. But, there is a twist with sheep, if it is of six months but, looks like of one year then that sheep is eligible for sacrifice.

Let's talk a bit about the past of celebrating this festival, how did it begin? From where did it originate etc.? Once, there was a Prophet of Islam named Ibraheem A.S., he was supposed to be a devout Muslim a true practitioner of Islam and of ALLAH SWT (Almighty). Everyone knows that God tests that person who believes in thyself. So it happened with Ibraheem A.S. His first wife Hazrat Sara was unable to become a mother of a child so, she permitted her husband Ibraheem A.S. to marry another woman who can give birth to a child. Thereafter, Bibi Hajra got married to him and at an elderly age she gave birth to a baby boy named Ismaeel A.S. Of course, he was a beloved child to them. But, ALLAH SWT asked Ibraheem A.S. to sacrifice his son to Him.

Though, everyone knows that he was a devout Muslim, so he proved himself completely. He used to pray to the Almighty everyday, ALLAH SWT was listening to his cause, but wasn't replying at that time. Then the day of sacrifice came, Ibraheem A.S. had to cut his son Ismaeel A.S.'s neck with a knife and place him to ALLAH SWT. On the other side Jibreel Ameen A.S. - The Angel, was ready with a 'DUMBA-GOAT' with ALLAH'S order, about which Ibraheem A.S. was unaware. He made his last request to the Almighty ALLAH that kindly cover his eyes with a piece of cloth as he can't see the blood of his beloved son. Here, it was not just the son who was asked for the sacrifice but, it was the nerves which was being tested so hard and Ibraheem A.S. got through it and kept the knife on his son Ismaeel A.S.'s neck. As soon as he did so Jibreel Ameen A.S. the Angel, immediately came and placed that 'DUMBA-GOAT', in place of that li'l child Ismaeel A.S.

Ibraheem A.S. was still unaware of the entire act and dragged the knife on that 'DUMBA-GOAT', imagining it was his most beloved son Ismaeel A.S. When he opened his eyes, he saw the true mercy of the truer than true ALLAH-The Almighty. Ibraheem A.S. saw his son playing on the other side whereas, unknowingly he sacrificed 'DUMBA-GOAT'. Since then baQra EID or the actual word to it is Eid-Ul-Zuha is being celebrated. So, it is said to the people of Mohammad (S.A.W.), may ALLAH's mercy and (PBUH) to sacrifice the best of best animals with big hearts. Do not be stingy in the path of ALLAH SWT, as this is the truest path to walk upon and it will lead you towards the actual world with warmth.

Meanings of:

SWT: Subhana'Wa'Ta'ala
A.S.: Alai Hiss Salaam
SAW: Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
PBUH: ALLAH's mercy and Peace Be Upon Him.

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