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Except for few, there is hardly anyone in this world who is born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth. Everyone faces situations accordingly. But, their hardships create differences and make them vast better personalities. Who so ever has taken a round on earth, has to see all sorts of ups and downs in life. Few weeks back I spoke to a Syrian baker and chef named Jawed Mustafa Zain, who is now shifted to Germany and work with a Cafeteria called Café Nights Lebanon in Germany - Neumanstr. He began his career by making sweets and fast foods. Later, he joined CNL and continued his career in baking. Though he is a normal chef as well but here, Chef Jawed has learnt baking and fortunately, it turned out to be a super hit attempt. Earlier when he prepared biscuits, pastries and cakes, all turned out so well that, it looked like a picturesque. Few of his famous biscuits, pastries and cakes are:

a) French Batforat biscuits
b) Turkish cake
c) Coconut biscuits with Almaxrah
d) Velvet Cake Spray
e) Jinwaz chocolate with chocolate Jnah

The special shine on the cake, the magnificent aroma and it's perfect presentation, all gave a feeling of sweet molten magma, which when cuts into pieces and goes into the mouth of a person, it melts like a soft sponge. Biscuits were not sticky as they usually are, they were easy to chew. In short, they were good to eat and easy to swallow (I giggled).

Jawed Mustafa Zain, is a person very much down to the absolute earth. When I first called and tried to speak to him, our languages were different, he spoke Arabic and I knew English, I became quite restless for a while that how could I manage this interview, that too without a translator? I actually felt it's sensitivity, then I realized that, I have never seen a man that generous, who spoilt his entire week off day, speaking to me and helping out answering to all my questions. What he did was that, he asked me to hang up the call (I thought why? Was he rude enough?) Many questions started quarreling into my mind within few seconds. Of course, I was wrong! Immediately Chef Jawed further said to me that, I shall write every question one by one and he will translate it into Arabic, then further translate it into English and again he will send it back to me with the appropriate reply. I didn't realize, when our five hours passed away, to answer just 7 questions (Still, I heaved the sigh of relief and smiled, looking up in the sky). But, ultimately things went on really well and finally I got all the answers done in my known language - English from Arabic. Though, we took a lot of time, but this clearly shows the personality of a person, that how humble and marvelous he is.

Well, Chef Jawed began his career in his early twenties. He told me that, though he began working as a normal Chef, but, when he tested his skills in baking he preferred continuing the same as it gave more positive responses than being a regular chef. Lastly, I would like to say that, Café Nights Lebanon is a world, full of pastries and cakes and Chef Jawed is full with energy and enthusiasm, here you will get far better things to eat than, what you have actually imagined. If you plan to go to Germany ever, then try visiting this place at least once and of course meet this great baker as well. I'm sure you'll love to visit and even enjoy Chef Jawed's company and cakes both.

Intervew taken by: Khatibah Rehmat

Interviewed: Chef Jawed Mustafa Zain

Picture Courtesy: Chef Jawed

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