One evening, while I was leaving from my office, I got a Buzz on my mobile phone's message box that I have to interview a senior chef who has a bunch of food experience and also has lot to tell the world what food love is all about. So, as per the orders I did my duty, I rang him up the very next day, spoke to him, and confirmed, was he chef Naveen? He answered me so well, taking out his precision time from his duty hours. That day he spoilt his entire lunch hours I believe. While I was speaking to him, I felt very lively (obviously), my normal questions and his beautiful answers, as in I was getting some special feast on a King's palate. One thing I felt quite weird in Chef Naveen, when he told me that he is committed to someone, which sounded quite inquisitive. I was fine till here, then see what happened next? Normally, boys and girls get committed to each other, they make promises, exchange gifts to make each other happy, etc. etc. and then anyhow their lives moves on, but I spoke to a Chef with a difference, who thinks differently and have different thoughts, who says he is committed but, towards providing quality services in his culinary art and also towards creating memorable dinning experiences. 'Haah', I mean what was that? In today's era, who thinks that way? Was I dreaming? Or, did I hear carefully? I said to myself. Then I asked him once again, committed to whom? (Forwarding one of my ears a bit towards his face, he laughed out loud). Just to make very much sure that, whatever I heard, was exactly the same and I was actually not in a dream world. Well, he further told me that he has recently switched from Buzz - Chandigarh where he worked for two years and now has joined The Bruu Kiln - Ludhiana.

Chef Naveen told me that this restaurant was opened three months back and within this spam of time it has gained the top rankings in entire Ludhiana. It gives you a feeling of pride when you enter into a new chain of restaurant and very soon it gains the top rankings in your city. This moment becomes the moment of celebration mainly for the kitchen team and specially for the chefs. It is true that hardships really get paid off. For this I would love to congratulate Chef Naveen and his entire team, who gave their 100% to uplift their restaurant in the city. Let us now talk about chef Naveen that who he is? From where has he come from? Where does his roots belongs to? We can say that we have the right to know all and all about him (I giggled). Chef Naveen Panwar has completed his culinary education from FCI - Dehradoon, later he began his career by joining a five star hotel in Surat - Gujarat, in 2004. The list is long as he has contributed his 13 years of experience in food industry. Chef Naveen is a member of Indian Culinary Forum, he has been a part of World Chef Congress and AAHAR - The food festival - New Delhi.

Within four years Naveen gave life to five restaurant types in Chandigarh - Café, Retro Café, Lounge and Club. While speaking to him, I came to know that Chef Naveen has also worked with the first signature chef of India - Chef Moshe Sekh. Before leaving for Chandigarh, he worked for different Hotels and Restaurants in Delhi and NCR. Chef Naveen basically cooks the European Food, he believes that he should present food in a highly tempting manner and also says that he cooks with love and perfection to serve the other soul. Chef Naveen is now working with The Bruu Kiln Restaurant in Ludhiana, which is a gastronomic space and it has a transformative experience of being a cafe in day hours and lounge at night. The story of Chef Naveen Panwar is like a never ending job. He is unstoppable, unbelievable and can never be captured by anyone at one place. REFT TIMES wishes him good luck for his marvelous performance in his life ahead.

Interview taken by: Khatibah Rehmat

Interviewed: Chef Naveen Panwar

Picture Courtesy: Chef Naveen Panwar

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