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INDIANS, COUNTRYMEN and WE The - LOVERS at the SANDS of GULF: Khatibah Rehmat

Readers, meet Maddy Dutt, a young, highly zestful, devout Chef of Chandigarh - India, who now works for Hotel Ritz Carlton - Abu Dhabi - UAE, which is a luxury property of Marriott Hotels. Chef Maddy believes that cooking is a profession where they give lives to dead beings and plate them in a way that they, simply look "WOW" and tastes absolutely "WOW" . When I, personally spoke to Chef Maddy Dutt, I really felt, how enterprising he was. Very quick at answering things to me, giving the needed informations, all in all about his culinary career. Starting from the beginning to the never ending end. Everything!

Chef Maddy passed his culinary education from CIHM - Chandigarh - India, then later on he did his very first training from Hotel Clarks Amer - Jaipur. He worked in various cities and learnt different types of cuisines, moving round the country - India. He even spoke about his interest in travelling, that how, while going to different states for learning cooking, made him a wonderful travelogue as well. Hotel Ritz Carlton has a wonderful view of Grand Mosque - Abu Dhabi. Several Indians pay lakhs and lakhs of Dirhams to celebrate an Indian wedding at Sheikh's Gulf, moving all through from India, covering thousands of miles from here to there.

Instead of having pressure while taking care of so many guests at the same time, Chef Maddy and his entire team enjoy while the party goes on, at times it feels that, they are celebrating their family wedding. In the Holy Month of Ramazan, he prepares famous Turkish Pide with different toppings on wood fire. Maddy's signature dish is: Pan seared French Foiegras with Mango Gnash and Cranberry Purée and Orange juice.

In normal days, when guests come and check-in to Ritz Carlton, they do not make them feel that, from which part of the world they are coming from, they all make them feel like home. They dance, they party, they enjoy, they eat, they drink, etc. etc. They say that they make their guests for life, once they go, they feel like coming back once again. Few signature dishes of Ritz are:
(a) Canadian pan seared scallops with pumpkin mouse celeriac purée parsley crumble and virgin salsa sauce.
(b) Salmon stuffed in tart mango mouse celeriac purée beetroot crumble green peas purée and boiled eggs.
(c) Maddy's signature dish: French foiegras with different plating.
(d) Traditional wood fire baked Turkish walnut and olive bread.

List is umpteen, I would rather say, that if anyone of you is planning for an international trip, then they must plan out for Abu Dhabi, stay at Hotel Ritz Carlton - a luxury property of Marriott Hotels, try out their signature dishes and last but not the least, they shall meet Chef Maddy Dutt as well. A humourous and highly enterprising personality in his own self.

Interview taken by: Khatibah Rehmat

Interviewed: Chef Maddy Dutt

Picture Courtesy: Chef Maddy Dutt

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