Read the interview conversation of Saima Faridi Khan of Eduglobetech and Special Correspondent Shruti Bhushal.

1) Tell us about yourself, starting from your family, education and birthplace.

SAIMA FARIDI KHAN: Greetings to all the readers of REFT Today. My name is Saima Faridi Khan. I was born and brought up in the beautiful city named Aligarh, I am the eldest daughter of my parents and since my childhood, I always wanted to do something big in my life to prove myself an extraordinary child of my parents. I am a wife of an amazing husband, mother of two kids and is married in Allahabad which is now known as Prayagraj. My educational journey was very diverse from the beginning, in plus two I was a science student having Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths, who was aspiring to either become a doctor or an engineer and then I switched myself to Bachelor's in Computer applications but then realised it was not my cup of tea. I wanted to do something creative so I went for MBA in International Business from Aligarh Muslim University and now I am an overseas education Consultant by Profession.

2) Tell us about your company in detail.

SAIMA FARIDI KHAN: I own a company named EDUGLOBETECH and started this venture few years back. The main idea is to facilitate the students to help them provide quality education and access to their dream destination. We collaborate with leading colleges and universities across the globe and started helping students who were interested in getting admissions to universities abroad. In the beginning, my company had tied up with one college in Sweden but presently, Eduglobetech has collaborations with more than 500 international universities and colleges across the globe. We have universities in Sweden, UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Russia, Dubai, etc. There are ample choices for students to choose universities and respective programs for their educational career.

3) At what heights do you want to take Eduglobetech?

SAIMA FARIDI KHAN: According to me, beginning is always tough being a fresher, as it's a tricky job to gain trust and confidence amongst clients. Above all I had chosen a different platform for myself where, I had to wait for a longer time to get good opportunities. As I mentioned earlier about myself that, I was very ambitious and a big dreamer since childhood but, got married immediately after completing MBA so didn't get a chance to fulfill those dreams. One day when I got this opportunity then, I held it tightly and decided not to turn back at any cost. After making a come back after so many years and striving so hard, I think in coming five to ten years Eduglobetech will be having an international presence and wish that Almighty shall help me in that way out.

4) What made you start with an entrepreneurial chapter in your life?

SAIMA FARIDI KHAN: I think it's never too late to start with a new beginning. Earlier, I was living in a joint family and there it was not permitted to go out and work, so those were my unused years but, I didn't want to confine myself to the core world of kitchen and home. I suppressed those feelings of being ambitious. Then, I got this opportunity and understood my work. Initially, I didn't know that there was something like overseas education consultant and someday I will achieve that position and later I even started doing good in my life.

5) Do ever feel like quitting your career.

SAIMA FARIDI KHAN: I believe that tough times don't last but tough people do and also quitting is easier than doing. As I mentioned before, that the situation earlier was not so favorable for me and as a new startup, it was not easy to get collaborated with well renowned leading universities. It was even tough to jump from being a housewife into the cooperate world and it had never been so easy. It was very hard for me to prepare for those things. But, when I decided to rock the floor and gear up to make a bang, then this Covid-19 situation arose and you won't believe, all my efforts went in vain. So obviously, I felt like quitting at that moment. After that one of my friends suggested me to switch on to something else because of travel banns and countries going for lockdown. But, I kept calm and now waiting for this situation to last soon.

6) Any message for females to empower themselves to the world front if they don't have a supportive family.

SAIMA FARIDI KHAN: I think, this lockdown has come up with a boon to those ladies who stay at home and want to do something for themselves. The world is locked, internet is free and they can easily connect to people of their profession. Nothing is tough for those who want to do something in life and it's high time that women should start contributing into the economy as well. But real task begins when one gets married, because after that they have to look after their extended family and children, which is a big responsibility. If a family is not supportive then they have to make out ways to convince them, at a suitable time, looking after their moods. In short, work from home and the internet is a very powerful combination and I believed that every woman should capitalise it. It's a good opportunity to do work from home, take care of your kids and family as well. Still managing your work then you can make a hell lot of money.


INTERVIEW TAKEN BY: Shruti Bhushal, Special Correspondant.

CONTRIBUTED BY: Khatibah Rehmat, Senior Journalist.

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