In today's time, it's not the matter of any community, caste, creed or religion. Everyone is being a prosperous part of celebrating every festival, no matter what the religion is. World has changed, their thoughts have improvised and it seems that we the humans are heading towards a better planet. Winter is near, same way Christmas! The festive wibes are whistling everywhere in the air and breeze. Brew Bros, Mohali has invited REFT Today at the cake mixing ceremony on November, 16th. 2022. at their Sky Lounge area. As soon as I enter into their rooftop area, I saw so many chefs busy in making the ceremony a successful one with an amazing team spirit. At the entrance, Executive Chef Rajendra Pundir and General Manager Mr. Rishi Verma along with few of their staffs welcomed me and showed everything which is going to take place at the event. The dry fruits were ready to get soaked in a big round tray, wait was just for the ladies who were being the part of that event. Few other media persons were spotted while I was leaving.

KHATIBAH REHMAT (Senior Journalist): Put some light over this cake mixing ceremony (it's brief history) and why is it celebrated amongst non-Christians today?

Mr. RISHI VERMA (General Manager): Today people are not bound to any caste or religion, they just celebrate love and harmony, no matter to which community they themselves belong to. Cake mixing was never a religious affair, it was always to bring closed ones together before Christmas strikes and people get too occupied in the festive day. Cake mixing brings good luck along with it, where dry fruits are soaked before Christmas and are added to the cake mixture.

KHATIBAH REHMAT (Senior Journalist): What is the required quantity of fruit juices to mix into dry fruits and cherries? Also, how do you people store it for such a long time?

EXECUTIVE CHEF RAJENDRA PUNDIR: We mix the fruit juices as much to the dry fruits as they are easily dipped into it, also we keep extra juices to it so that dry fruits are soaked completely and give a better result while mixing it to the Christmas cake mixture. We store the soaked dry fruits in an air tight container, so that it is fermented better. Cake mixing ceremony is celebrated for the first time in four years here at Brew Bros, Mohali.

INTERVIEWED AND PICTURE COURTESY: General Manager Rishi Verma and Executive Chef Rajendra Pundir.

INTERVIEW TAKEN BY: Khatibah Rehmat ( Senior Journalist).

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