Indian Chef in Dubai-Chef Afroz Alam.
Four Points by Sheraton.

....and the interior

No one could easily take in the reality that a little boy who used to help his mother into the kitchen will one day grab the opportunity to get the Gem Award from a prestigious five star property in Dubai named: Four Points by Sheraton. The success story is like, he has achieved too much from his hard core work such as:

Manager of the month from Hotel Reinasance - Lucknow, India.

Executive of the month from Hotel Reinasance - Lucknow, India.

Associate of the month from Hotel Marriott Courtyard Bhopal.

Finalist of South Africa and Middle East rising star of the year.

Heading successfully with the opening of Indian cuisines at Purani Dilli Downtown from Four Points by Sheraton - Dubai.

After 10 months, another Purani Dilli was successfully opened at Sheikh Zayed Road, Four Points by Sheraton - Dubai.

Exterior of Four Points by Sheraton-Dubai.

Exterior of Four Points by Sheraton.

The guest counts.

He is Chef Mohammad Afroz Alam who was born in the capital city of Bihar named Patna in India. His father and mother both were simple people, who also belong to the same place. Later, Chef Afroz Alam went to a Hotel Management School, NSHM Academy in Durgapur - West Bengal. There, he took culinary subjects and later joint Marriott Properties in India and finally grabbed the chance to work with them. From helping his mother in the kitchen till making food for his friends, cooking was always an all time hobby since his college time for Chef Afroz Alam of Four Points by Sheraton - Dubai. He never stopped himself from doing unbelievable experiments with his food which resulted in making him a great chef. This hotel is known for:

a) Nahari Gosht

b) Galawati kabab

c) Dahi kabab

d) All Types of Biryanis

e) Kakori kabab

And many more....

Hing Matar ki Tikki

Galawati kabab

Murgh Malai Tikka

Chef Afroz Alam gained a lot of exposure in Indian Food and Hospitality industry. He even spoke about his signature dishes as well, which are as follows:

Mughlai Cuisines,

Gosht ke pasande,

Nahari Gosht,

Kakori kabab,


Galawati kabab,

Awadhi Biryani, etc.

Purani Dilli Special

Interviewed: Chef Mohammad Afroz Alam

Place: Four Points by Sheraton-Dubai

Picture Courtesy: Chef Mohammad Afroz Alam

Interview Taken By: Khatibah Rehmat.

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