What if we plan an outing, think of having a lavish lunch or dinner at Hyatt Regency and then, if we do not go for:

a) Eggplant and parmesan red bell pepper mousse,

b) Cranberry poached pears with grilled sous vide chicken and balsamic macerated bell pepper salad,

c) Involtini of provolone and burrata cheese with spicy basil tomatoes and tomatillo couli.

d) Handmade scarmoza mango basil tortellini with parmesan sugo and extra virgin olive, honey macerated tomatoes and bell pepper greens with gratinated garlic foam.

Then, I must say it will be our hardcore negligence to keep ourselves away from these gifts of God which we can very easily get at Hyatt Regency, Ahmadabad's Tinello, the award-winning restaurant which falls under the category of best Italian food.
Tinello is not just known for its brand but, it is actually known for its exceptional food which is delivered nowhere else in Ahmadabad - Gujarat. Hyatt Regency's Tinello does not believe in preparing any specific signature dish at their restaurant rather, they cook according to the guest's preferences and also add some creativity on that particular cuisine, just to tantalize their taste buds.

Amandeep Singh Thakur, a person devout towards his religion and particular to all his Sunday prayers, is a classic chef by profession as a gift of God. He has been to more than 176 countries, completed his world tour twice and tasted almost all born flavours of food in his 27 years of life. Normally, people speak about their struggling and unending arena but here, at this tiny age, Amandeep has not just become a chef but, has also become a renowned 'Sous Chef' at Hyatt Regency - Ahmadabad.

Amandeep was born in Shimla and believes that hard work really pays well that too, to the fullest. He added that when he was a grown-up boy and was in a position to choose his upcoming career then, his father came and without imposing his experiences upon his son's establishing shoulders, he simply and very intellectually said that wherever he goes or whatever he does, make sure that he shall cross all barriers and reach to the sky very high. This statement of his father made him so confident that he chose cooking as his career and did his Culinary Bachelors from IHM Hyderabad.

Amandeep was a wanderer, he loved to be in his made wonderland. Few of his known people must have even laughed upon him at that moment, but he was a different soul, he dug his own piece of the world and became a great chef of the date. He loves to travel and believes that when the passion of a person is merged with work it gives splendid results, as it happened with himself. Chef Amandeep says that after taking two world tours and moving towards several countries and coming back to India, he loves to prepare Peruvian cuisines and Italian cuisines, which are his palate yearns. He further added that wherever he has been around the globe, no one has beaten the Indian cuisines till the date.

Interview taken by: Khatibah Rehmat

Interviewed: Chef Amandeep Singh Thakur.

Picture Courtesy: Chef Amandeep Singh Thakur.

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