REFT TIMES found the footprints of Italy in Chandigarh: Khatibah Rehmat

Bacon Crusted Chicken-Virgin Courtyard, Chandigarh.

Chicken Confit Gorgonzola Walnut Salad- Virgin Courtyard, Chandigarh

Deconstructed Apple Crumble- Virgin Courtyard, Chandigarh.

Lemon Posset with White Chocolate Mousse- Virgin Courtyard, Chandigarh.

Rooftop- Virgin Courtyard, Chandigarh

Taking interviews is easy and giving interviews is further easier, but when you interview a chef who not just looks after the kitchen but also handles the overall situation of the entire restaurant, it feels like someone is exhaling positive energy from his end. Yes, I'm talking about Chef Hari Kishan, the founder-chef of Virgin Courtyard, a Chandigarh based Italian restaurant in Sector 7-C. Chef Hari Kishan told me that he is working with this restaurant since the very first day of it's opening from November 2012. Though, it is very tough to say that this restaurant or that restaurant serves better or the best food from any other restaurants in the whole world. But, it is truer than true that food is the only backbone of any restaurant around the globe. And for maintaining that backbone hard and strong, the entire credit goes to the chef or to the cook of that particular restaurant. Equally, it is a tough job as well, with several big and small responsibilities and challenges.

Karanjeet Singh the MD and the direct owner of Virgin Courtyard came up with this idea almost four years back in 2012. This Italian restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seatings of around 94 people. The white and blue theme has made its existence more valuable and today it has become one of its kind in the whole of Chandigarh. No one knew that one day it will bag so many awards one by one for serving Italian cuisines in India. Karanjeet even thought of giving some special facilities to the customers, such as Wi-Fi, AC, Parking area, serving non-vegetarian food and Alcohol. Music played in the dining area is Jazz. Though it is an Italian restaurant and people even love the food they serve but, they do not provide the services home deliveries. Virgin Courtyard has won the Times Award in the year 2014.

Well, while I was talking to the Head Chef Mr Hari Kishan, I asked him a very common question and that was, which is their signature dish? I was expecting one or two or maximum four to five names of the dishes. But, I was wrong, he answered me around ten to twelve and added that they have more but, this much is sufficient for the time being. I was like 'haah', listening to him with my mouth opened. Then, finally, I jotted down FIVE names.

1) First Dish- Deconstructed Apple Crumble.

2) Second Dish - Spiedini Toscana Chicken.

3) Third Dish - Chicken Confit Gorgonzola
Walnut Salad.

4) Fourth Dish - Bacon Crusted Chicken.

5) Fifth Dish - Lemon Posset with White
Chocolate Mousse.

As soon as I saw these dishes in front of me, I felt like dying for them or just grabbing them at simply one go. I'm very much assured that these dishes do not need any additional flavours to enhance the taste of the food. I believe, whenever we cook, we must involve our hearts along with our hands. When we get a wonderful interior along with such mouth watering dishes, then it feels like one is flying high on the seventh heaven. Whenever, anyone visits Chandigarh, they must go to Virgin Courtyard once, twice, thrice or everyday as per their wish or to their stay schedule.

Interview taken by: Khatibah Rehmat

Interviewed: Head Chef Hari Kishan

Picture Courtesy: Team Virgin Courtyard

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