Ravi Sharma isaccused to forfeit many employees of Pink Wasabi, Chandigarh within his joining of three to four months, waving lame excuses and not just being rude and aggressive to the fellow staff members but, he also used untolerable remarks to the Senior Food Journalist of REFT Today, Khatibah Rehmat who came to cover the story of Pink Wasabi with prior permission following all protocol as she is doing this since many years. She came to cover the live story for REFT Today's official facebook page: facebook.com/refttoday along with it's later publication to the e-magazine: www.refttoday.com.

The matter arouse when Senior Journalist Khatibah Rehmat has chosen Chef Kalu and restaurant manager Mr. Anshul Gaur as the face of the story, instead of Mr. Ravi Sharma being a general manager as their head. He slapped his rude remarks on her as soon as she entered the restaurant by placing an order to her that, "listen madam, what so ever you write it should first and for most come to me, then you have the rights to publish it further in your magazine." When Khatibah told him that the content has already been cross checked and came all through from the team of Pink Wasabi itself, then instead of listening to her, he interrupted in between and told her that, "you HAVE to do this, else...." In a threatening tone.

Still Khatibah agreed to his remarks and decided to begin with the LIVE show as it was pre-scheduled. She even did the same, but as soon as she entered into GAME PALACIO, Mr. Ravi Sharma started screaming on her in front of the LIVE camera that what was she doing here with the camera? What bloody surprise was that? The music was so very high that his words were not very much audible. He forcefully called off the show in between with three other questions remaining to get answered by those two timid staff of Pink Wasabi (Anshul and Chef Kalu). Mr. Ravi Sharma, the general manager even took Mr. Anshul Gaur the restaurant manager aside with his right arm around his neck in a painful manner and abused him badly. Which was again inaudible due to very loud music, but was very much visible through his tough gestures.

When our Journalist lose temper on him then he came to the dinning area of Pink Wasabi, apologised her thrice in much ruder tone than before and ordered one of his serving staffs that, "bring lunch for madam." Mr. Ravi Sharma stood up pushing back his single seater pink sofa and raised his voice on our Senior Journalist Khatibah Rehmat saying, "madam see you post lunch." As in, she came starving for that very food of Pink Wasabi. Mr. Ravi Sharma has brought shame to entire hospitality industry and REFT Today has decided to write everything took place that day on Monday, June, 13, 2022 on his misbehavior and calling off the LIVE show in between, if he genuinely doesn't be apologistic.

Last but not the least I would like to question the higher and responsible team of Pink Wasabi that, why Mr. Ravi Sharma stopped our fellow reporter Khatibah Rehmat to cover Game Palacio, when it was the co-part of Pink Wasabi? Is there any hidden secret behind the statement made by him? He even threatened her to delete that LIVE show so that he don't have to be answerable to his seniors sitting in Mumbai branch. What scams are done behind those dark interiors and loud music of Game Palacio? What made him mess up with a senior and highly experienced media person that too during LIVE? How come he was so fearless without a big backing behind him?


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