No words for this super molicular plating.

Shrimps coated with wonton julliene sheet and it's a deep fry product.


Molecular....! Ah...! What does that actually mean? Imagine, we are sitting in the dining area of a restaurant as a guest count and waiting for our ordered food, there we notice some smoke type thing erupting and out of that, a dish comes out like an elusive world above the bright clouds. Later, I came to know that this smoky trick is not called smoke eruption, rather it is commonly know as the "Molecular Gastronomy". Normally, this is a western way of presenting while plateing their meals. But, here Chef Dipanshu gave this super twist on an Indian platter in the lands of Gulf, at the "Kingdom of Bahrain". Everyone knows that Indians are very fast at learning as well as applying it towards the present era of the foodie world.

Think of simple 'Dahi ke Kababs', anyone can very easily prepare them with no additional tricks. But, here also Chef Dipanshu has a twist of taste with his secret ingredients in it which makes him an outstanding culinarian. According to him, many of his co-staffs had tried a lot to copy the exact or nearby taste but, they all fail to pass and could not go through the appropriate taste. He is so confident with his work, which actually makes him a different persona in the same planet called 'Earth'. A lot to say about his crazy cooking where he shows his best gives his best to the world of gastronomes.

Chef Dipanshu Bhatia, the Brand Chef of Panasia at the Kingdom of Bahrain, was born in a small city of Uttar Pradesh named Rampur, belongs to a Punjabi family where rich cooking was really very common and he often used to help his grandmother and mother in the kitchen to cook delicious food with exquisite presentation. After the completion of his senior high school, he went to a hospitality job fair held at a five-star hotel where he decided that first of all he will join one of the best culinary B. Schools in India and secondly, he will become the best chefs of the world. Soon after he took admission in Vels Institute of Hotel Management, Chennai and completed his graduation from there and today he is one of the best chefs of the world.

Dipanshu always believes that, to become successful one must set their goals and then stick to it with complete determination, automatically success will touch their feet. He feels really great to be a part of this industry. Chef Dipanshu goes to several restaurants and tries their signature dishes or new releases, then he goes back home and experiment it with his mix of spices and give it a new, tremendous and remarkable taste. Last but not the least, he wants to see people smiling while having his cooked meals every time whereas, it is his hardcore passion to prepare something innovative for this gastronome world.

Interview taken by: Khatibah Rehmat

Interviewed: Chef Dipanshu Bhatia

Picture Courtesy: Chef Dipanshu Bhatia.

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