From a long time, India has been the land of science and spirituality. Some believe that it can’t go hand in hand, but interestingly science uncovers the deepest truths and the aim of spirituality to search the cause behind scientific facts. In today’s era where economics, socio-cultural and lifestyle is changing, it is increasing the stress and various cardio vascular and medical health issues. These diseases can deeply be rooted in our body and cannot be cured fully by taking medication, attending verbal counselling sessions or simply talking to someone as it need to be cured from the root level and not on shallow basis. To become more versatile, socially and culturally we need to balance and control our thoughts.

Our spiritual instructor Dr. M.K.Bimal is a renowned life coach, spirituality and meditation expert, has 27 years of experience in this field, where he has adapted and trained thousands of people in spiritual science, mainly om sadhna, the system of Reiki healing and holistic health. He has conducted several workshops for stress management and has shown that meditation helps in managing anxiety in the most effective way by adding value to our lives. When all humans are suffering and struggling from depression and are affecting the flow of life, then our guru Dr. M.K.Bimal, has taught us those techniques which are the results of profound exploration of physical, causal and subtle human structure and are rooted to the knowledge and wisdom, blessed by Indian Sages of Vedic era.

Dr. Bimal has led selfless lessons and workshops with young as well as experienced scientists and doctors from a variety of research institutes and hospitals, such as AIMS—New Delhi, Mahivir Cancer hospital and many more from different parts of the country. The basics of the workshop are sprinkled with frivolous and spiritual science to reduce the stress and increase participant's social, emotional and professional productivity at the time of change. After attending this workshop, senior scientists and physicians recognised that these workshops are very effective and mentioned programs are significant for many health and humanity professionals and have considerable research potential in this area. Later, the practical recovery was seen amongst thousands of people and participants who were in a large state of physical, mental and emotional pain. 


SANJAY KUMAR: Anetizen based in Dubai says: “I used to believe that meditation is a kind of religious activity, but after participating in an online session under Dr. Bimal, I realised that I was completely wrong.

Since, 2018 I was suffering from panic disorder due to severe stress and also had breathing issues. Along with that, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and an underactive thyroid had bothered me a lot.

Later, I gathered all my courage and had words with Dr. M.K. Bimal, our respected spiritual guide who advised me to do divine healing on specific points as well as meditation under his direction.

Few days later, I began to feel better and after completing a month of online meditation, I went to the doctor for a routine checkup, my blood work surprised my doctor and to me. My blood pressure, my cholesterol and my thyroid, all turned normal.

With the blessings of the Almighty, I came over this never-ending story where, this online meditation was born as a boon, not only to improve my healing but also to enhance my creativity. I will always be very grateful for the same."

For more details, anyone can connect me over the given e-mail address: [email protected].

MEGHA CHANDA: A resident of West Bengal, India says: "Due to endometriosis, cyst, tumor, fallopian tube block and thyroid, I was not becoming a mother, despite of trying for five years. Even an IVF failed!

I went through Vellore and Kolkata and spoke to thirteen doctors who could resolve my medical issues. But, none was left with a ray of hope for my conditions.

Kolkata medical college suggested for an adoption process and on the other side I was not trying to take another chance for IVF once again.

We kept entire situation to our spiritual guide, Dr M.K. Bimal and asked for his blessings. So, he told me to do Divine Healing for five months and also asked to attend a meditation session and then counsel for IVF later.

After two months of divine healing and meditation, I received the news of becoming a normal mother. The whole pregnancy journey was so beautiful that I can't express into words.

Those terrible pain of endometriosis and frequent hospitalizations have now become a thing of past. Today, a sweet and perfectly healthy six-months-old baby girl has enlightened up our house and hearts.

If you all want to reach to me for my detailed experiences then mark an e-mail at: [email protected].

To be continued.....




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  1. There comes a point in the sadhana when a sadhak finds himself so deep in his ritual, so as to unite with the diety.The seekers ,the worshipped and the prayer all seem to merge into one.Sadhana is not just in the temple and going through your rituals,it must transform you as an individual. And it happened to our lives. It clarifies your lives with all the negativity and fills with only and only well being and happiness.Thanks a ton Sir (Dr. Bimal).
    • I had been come in contact to Shredhyay Spritual Leader Sir in Kolkata. I had been introduced by by my wife. After connecting with Guru ji has transfer of our life especially my wife anxiety has dropped down. In our home peace became the permanent part of our life since then.
      • I along with my husband was attuned in 2013.My life was scattered due to some family and social problem.This opportunity came through one of the friends of my husband.I entered into a peaceful life by doing the activities prescribed by Dr M K Bimal our spiritual master.The real miracle started when I was to undergo an operation in my lumber in August,2016.Every decission regarding operation was sought from our revered master.The operation was very successful which was beyond expectations.Again in 2017 another lumber was to be operated.Again I was advised to follow the instructions of the doctor and the problem was resolved without operation.This I feel a real miracle.Now I am totally surrendered and leading a smooth life.My heartfelt gratitude to our master.
      • I became a part of the Aatm Utkarsh programme in 2001. In the guidance of Dr. Bimal Ji, I felt many positive changes in my life. There were many ups and downs in my life but i always felt the divine blessing on me which helped me get through them. Recently , My father had covid from which he swiftly recovered , all thanks to the divine blessings. Today I am living a satisfactory life . I am very thankful to this blessing by Dr. Bimal Ji.
    • Following the teachings of Guruji has definitely transformed my life. I live every moment, feel more energetic, positive and lively. Hence my happiness quotient has multiplied. I can now concentrate fully with full control over my mind, which I was badly lacking before coming in contact with Guruji.
  2. I bow down to my Guruji (Dr Bimalji) for imparting the immense wealth of knowledge & wisdom. You are the Only one who Enlightened My Path By Removing The Darkness Of My Ignorance and my light is rekindled by a spark from you. Deep gratitude to you for having lighted the flame within me. Your Blessings Made our life Beyond imagination Guruji. And a big thanks to Ms Khatibah for sharing this post which is very informative for us
    • परम् श्रद्धेय परम् आदरणीय गुरुदेव के श्री चरणों में कोटि-कोटि प्रणाम।दिव्य शक्ति रेकी से हमारा परिचय 2001 में ए. एन कॉलेज पटना में चल रहे तीन दिवसीय सेमिनार में हुआ।इसके पहले दिव्य शक्ति रेकी के विषय में हमें कुछ भी नहीं पता था। इसे सीखने की हमें बहुत ज्यादा लालसा थी।15,16 मई 2001को अगला सेमिनार हुआ उसी समय परम् श्रद्धेय परम् आदरणीय गुरुदेव Dr.M.K .Bimal jiसे हमें दीक्षा मिली। दीक्षा मिलने के बाद हमारे अंदर शारीरिक रुप से मानसिक रूप से भावनात्मक रूप से बहुत ज्यादा परिवर्तन हुए –सकारात्मक विचार से परिपूर्ण, आत्मविश्वाश,आत्मबल,दूसरों से अपेक्षा की भावना में कमी,हर समय उत्साह,खुशी,प्रसन्नता तथा सेवा एवं समर्पण की भावना आना।हमें थायरॉइड की समस्या पिछले सात साल से थी। गुरुजी के साथ योग का क्लास एक महीना करने के बाद वो भी बिल्कुल ठीक हो गया है। ये सब गुरुशक्ति की ही कृपा है।गुरुशक्ति को हृदय से बारंबार प्रणाम अर्पित करती हूँ।अब तो स्थिति ऐसी है कि गुरुशक्ति की अमृतमयी कृपा को हर क्षण महसूस करती हूँ।
    • Attunement by Dr M K Bimal in the year 2013 is a turning point in my life.When I was totally distracted and finding no shelter this transformed my life totally.I could taste the bliss and since then I feel my quality of life style has been transformed to that extent that my behaviour also has been changed.I am maintaining a healthy life This I feel the effect of different sadhanas prescribed by Dr.M K Bimal
    • I am very grateful to Divya Shakti that I got the opportunity to get attuned by my Revered Guruji with Divya Reiki sadhana Om sadhana Jyoti sadhana Guru Padma sadhana anahat Padma sadhana in Dec 2002. After attunement, miraculous changes occur in my life on physical mental and emotional level that helped in my study and my career very much. Regular sadhana eliminated negative thoughts,fear and increased memory power,concentration and self-confidence a lot which helped in pursuing my engineering and getting job. My other family members, relatives and friends also got attuned and got blessed with miraculous positive changes in life. Recently 3-4 months before ,my some family members also recovered miraculously from covid after hospitalization with severe infections. Ups and downs may came in life but always felt protected with divine blessings and got Shakti to face the challenges in life. Bahut hi kritagya hu.
  3. I have been blessed by Guruji many years ago All our family members were attuned by Guruji , Dr. Manoj Kumar Bimal ji My family has witnessed the miraculous effects of Divine Reiki , Divine 'Om' Sadhana, Anahat Padma Sadhana, Guru Padma Sadhana not only at the physical level but also at mental and emotional level. In Divya Jyoti Sansthan, Patna , we have regular Divine Reiki Healing, Light circle Meditation wherein we pray for all those who have health problems. Due to the Corona pandemic this is not possible, so under the guidance of Guruji all the sadhaks do prayer meditation at 7.30 in the morning and 9.30 in the night. This has helped us to be stable , remain calm and happy to the inner most core, Actually I would say that we owe our lives to our Spiritual Guide who has blessed us with Divine Reiki , Om Sadhana and many other Spiritual Sadhanas . These have brought a transformation at the mental and emotional level ( in our thoughts) and thus in the way we lead and live our life. Whole hearted reverence to Shradheya Guruji.
    • Gratitude to my spritual guide . From a very long time I was suffering from Surosis .very painful but after getting Guruji's Shakti not only Surosis but my mental and physical health both are at top most . I am totally transformed .
      • My family is extremely blessed to have Guruji's blessings in our lives. We were able to overcome various difficult situations due to Guruji's blessings. Our lives have also become much more peaceful and we feel spiritually protected at all times.
    • Om sadhana, Jyoti sadhana, and Reki sadhana impact on health, mind, attitude are so highly as positive transformation of body behavior towards your works ,thought, idea etc. Which help you to achieve your desired goal in life along with happy health.
  4. My spiritual Guruji Dr M.K.Vimal is unique ,kalyug doesnot impact under his circumference. From starting when I got diksha in kolkata introduced by Sri Asis Bhattacharya,I realise the devine power . The blessings of guruji change drastically the wrong direction like when a train leave the track & going negative direction,I was helpless. That time guruji's blessings sudden change my joint family scanario. In 2013 my father paralysed & admitted in ICU,his sound has gone but guruji's blessings given him new life The Doctors was surprised. My younger was edicted of specific alcoholic medicine, guruji's blessings without seeing him ,cure. A lots of blessings given by guruji to me which I have not mentioned. Aise Guruji kalyug me kaise aye? Ham sab bhi bahut bhagyasali hai jo unse jure hai. Rakesh Narayan
  5. I have been joined this school August 2015. After one year I came in contact with Guruji. That first meeting really applauded me. When he said that he never believed in long beard , clading orange or red clothes with sandal paste on forehead. He told me no need to give up family or society for God. Anyone everyone pray from anywhere. And felt an inner attraction in this school. Some pressure came to me to go for better school, I couldn't. I don't know why? but till today I believe our Divya Joyti Gurukul will be leader of all the field by the grace of Guruji. His future planning, view and mercy and compassion to all living things is great. I always try and pray to God to fulfill our dream. I am a teacher and Guruji is my teacher.
  6. Firstly I would like to show my regards and gratitude my pranam to my Guru Dr.Manoj Kumar Bimal.Guruji taught us how to live with divine blessings in our daily life.My family always blessed and guided by our revered Guruji.We all learnt how to maintain family life and also doing reiki sadhana, yog sadhna, meditation.By the guidence of Guruji we all sadhaks are leading healthy life in this pandemic situation.we are so blessed and thankful to Shakti kripa and Guru kripa. I want to share that my son took atunement in age of 11 and my daughter was 14 . With blessings of God and Guruji my son after completing his B-tech working in Microsoft at Czech republic.My daughter working in AirAsia as Comercial Pilot. I have shared this only to give a message to all young generation that to lead a healthy and happy life everyone should follow the right path with a perfect guidance.
  7. Atam uttkarsh is a very helpful webinar , it helps my mind to be refresh , calm and focused on study .
  8. I have gained many benefits from this Reiki Sadhana and Om Sadhana. I was suffering from severe dry eye syndrome for which my eyes were completely closed. After getting attuned my eyes opened and i was able to read and see properly. The reddishness of my eyes subsided. In recent time, i was affected with Covid during the second phase. This time also i recovered with healing and medication where my relatives had to go to hospitals but neither me nor my mother had to go to the hospital. Even my mother was affected but she also recovered through healing. All this happened due to Reiki healing.
  9. After working for more than 14 hours hours a day, each day, Mental fatigue is obvious. But the moment I complete a session each day under revered Guruji's guidance. I feel completely light as I feel entire mental fatigue is gone. Energy levels seems like have gone up.
    • I'am truly grateful to have such a great mentor as you .I was faced many challenges in my life but after guruji's spiritual guidance makes my life fully changed with diving blessings. 🙏 In the year of 2011 I was attuned by our reverend gurudev Dr. Manoj kumar bimal who always guide us as a perfect teacher. In the year of 2010 year I was pass out with not so good number, I was feel like a fool myself, t was totally felt bad and guilty myself. In the year of 2011, after my attunement I was passed my h.s with a great marks,then passed graduation nd master's degree with a great mark.I was suffered by various problems like thyroid, migraine, lack of concentration on my studies,and many more problems I have suffered. But all problems have been resolved like a miracle which was only possible just because of our reverend gurudev Dr.Manoj kumar bimal. Now I'm a house wife but still I'm still studying with a distance learning course. I'm always do my om sadhna,jyoti sadhna and reiki sadhna regularly it's really helps me to protect myself. My whole hearted gratitude to my gurudev Dr.Manoj kumar bimal who always guide us as a pathfinder .🙏
  10. I have joined the selfless service for spiritual development followed by service to the society without any barrier of caste, creed,and religion in year 2004. Our spiritual guide Sri M K Bimal has transformed our life at physical, mental , emotional and spiritual level in gradual holistic way. I am a rich recepient of his thoughts and principle to face the life and various situations with positivity and love.
  11. Pranaam GuruDev.... I have been blessed with attunement on 23rd Aug 2003, by our revered Guruji Dr.Manoj Kumar Bimal Ji . After that my life has changed in various ways . I have little heath issues that goes instantly and always felt protected under the umberalla of Divine GuruKripa and Maatri Shakti. There are lots of sakhaat kripa that is happening in day to day life. Recently I being a Mother of a baby girl which is hole and sole by the divine kripa of Guruji and Maatri Shakti . Sampurn poor se Sahridaya Shakti ko kritagyata arpit krti hu .
  12. Mere man ke vicharo ko nayi disha mila. Har problem ka solution mila. Bohot saari kathinaayion ka Samadhaan mila. Mujhe apna jeevan abb bohot sahaj lagta hai.. Mere andar bohot self confidence badha hai. Jeevan ka har lakhsya poora hua. Jab bhi om saadhna me baithte hai to saari manokaamna poori ho jaati.
  13. Science of spiritual Development is very Scientific, simple & Holistic. In Today's world most of the people are restless, stressful & unhealthy at physical or mental level. Our revered guruji is a true guide to solve our life. The guruji lives a simple, practicle, disciplined & hardworking life without any showoff.Once an Individual Visits the sansthan for prayer & attends the programs seminars regularly, believe my word, a total transformation of whole life takes place multi-dimensionaly. Many sadhak have Experienced miraculous, significant changes in their life at physical, mental, emotional level. It can not be described in words, they can only be Experienced who have got the fruit & keeps on getting it. I pray Almighty to spread this true selfless light of shakti to every corner of the world and every person so that the whole world is Peaceful, prosperous, loving place .
    • I am Bhaskar Choudhury, a resident of Delhi NCR and I am a corporate communicationist and digital marketer by profession. I am learning Yoga and Reiki (the ancient alternative medicine and energy healing therapy) under Guidance of Dr M.K. Bimal (who is an expert and an eminent spokesperson of ancient yoga and energy healing science on various national and international platforms like AIIMS). His has also authered many valuable books and scientific research journals, on topics like - "objective evaluation of holistic recovery through intervention of eternal vibration of AUM Reiki among cancer patients". In the past 6 months of practicing yoga and Reiki, I am cured of accute sleep apnea conditions (that otherwise has no medicine and required life long oxygen support during sleep). During the second wave of COViD all of my family members has suffered just mild infection levels, including my 76 old diabetic Father due to the prayers and healing energies of my fellow sdhaks and Guruji.
  14. Pranaam GuruDev..... I have been blessed with attunement on 23rd Aug 2003, by our revered Guruji Dr.Manoj Kumar Bimal Ji . After that my life has changed in various ways . I have little heath issues that goes instantly and always felt protected under the umberalla of Divine GuruKripa and Maatri Shakti. There are lots of sakhaat kripa that is happening in day to day life. Recently I being a Mother of a baby girl which is hole and sole by the divine kripa of Guruji and Maatri Shakti . Sampurn poor se Sahridaya Shakti ko kritagyata arpit krti hu .
  15. I was a 2nd deck officer on merchant ships sailing all around the world, with the divine blessing of Reiki which I used to practice on board vessels Also, I used to deliver my job the way I was expected of, but not satisfied within myself bcz of nature of my health and inner desire to live life to full extent. I quit my merchant Navy job, devoted 15 months on one stretch to DJS Patna, find rythm with my body , mind, and the various meditation practices. Now I m the owner of taxation firm at my native place, living happily with parents, wife and son and excelling in both inner dimensions and in external professional world. By trying to get a balance between my spiritual practices, family life and professional world. Now I m on the way of living life to the fullest .
  16. I got attuned in the year of 2006 and from that very day getting miracle in my life. By the blessings and guidance of our revered spiritual guide Dr. M.K. Bimal jee ,my mother Smt. Vijaya Verma came out safely from the breast cancer third stage. We regularly practice Om Sadhna, Anahat Padma Sadhna,, Guru Padma Sadhna , Reiki Sadhna . It works really powerful to come out from stress, anxiety and mañy more problems. Thanks a lot Guru jee.
  17. I am blessed by Guruji since 2000. Guruji has changed my life stressful to stress free. Out of gratitude to my Guruji, I have donated a small piece of land at Mukundpur for permanent centre of Divys Jyoti sansthan for spreding the spiritual development of human beings.
  18. Koti Koti Pranam Guruji, Meri Yatra !!! I am with Guruji from last 20yrs only... But Guruji is with me from how many births don't know . Because of his blessings I got this opportunity in this birth to have good luck with me and I am his follower from deep of my heart... My life changes 180 degree what I am before and what I am today it's new birth for me.. Things are many but comment section is having less space to explain everything... Koti Koti pranam Guruji
  19. I am Dr Vinay Kumar, (MBBS, MD Psychiatry) I am attune with this divine energy channel for last 15-16 years. I got a lots of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits after attunement with this divine energy channel. I also got a lots of benifits in my study and career. Earlier I had
  20. परम श्रद्धेय गुरुजी पूरे हृदय से प्रणाम। दिव्य शक्ति रेकी की दीक्षा परम श्रद्धेय गुरुदेव से 2007 मिली। जिस दिन दीक्षा लिए उसी दिन से शक्ति का प्रभाव देखने को मिला। Economically, Emotionaly के साथ साथ पढ़ाई में constration , Self-confidence आया। प्रतिदिन संस्थान जा कर साधना और रेकी करने से निः स्वार्थ सेवा भाव आया। परम श्रद्धेय गुरुजी को कोटि कोटि प्रणाम।
  21. I pay my humble gratitude towards respected spiritual guide Dr. M.K.Bimal,for attuning me in Devine Reiki healing,OM sadhna,Jyoti sadhna. After attunement MY vision towards life completely changed. Not only on physical level ,I felt the kripa of Devine Reiki in every aspect of life. I joined this sadhna process, when I was a student,and now I am a mother of two children. This journey becomes smoother because of the blessings of our spiritual guide (Dr.M.K. Bimal)and the sadhna process which was taught by him. In this pandemic, when whole world is facing a fear of life,we feel protected and doing online sadhna under the guidance of respected Guru Ji. We, as a Divya Jyoti Pariwar, regularly sit for online meditation and pray not only for our personal well-being but also for whole humanity.
    • I am grateful to Divya Shakti that l got due to attunement offered by reverend Guruji(Dr.Monoj Kumar Vimal).l am blessed with Divya Reiki Sadhana,Om Sadhana,Jyoti Sadhana from 2012. Before it l had been suffering from diabetes and high B.P. since 2004. My self confidence was lost badly. Now by the blessings of Guruji my diabetes and B.P are controlled. Now l am both physically and mentally sound by virtue of Guru Shakti.
  22. Started journey with this spiritual group under our spiritual Guide . Dr Manoj. Kumar Bimal 20 years back .our whole family members are under divine protection in every aspect of life.. I convey my highest gratitude to this Sansthan and our respected Guide (Gurujee) Dr Manoj Kumar Bimal sir pranam
  23. I am Dr Vinay Kumar, (MBBS, MD Psychiatry) I am attune with this divine energy channel 'Reiki' for last 15-16 years. I got a lots of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits after attunement with this divine energy channel 'Reiki' . I also got a lots of benifits in my study and career. Before attunement I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which get cured just after attunement only after next day of attunement, and never got IBS symptoms in last 15-16 years after attunement. I also got better mental stability by guidance of our vrevered Guru ji. I also got lots of blessings by prayer during difficult situation during illnesses and other problems. I am very thankful to this divine energy and our Revered Guruji. 🙏🙏
  24. इनके संपर्क मे आध्यात्मिक अनूभूति प्राप्त करना वर्ष 1996 से मिलना प्रारंभ हो गया।जीवन के हर झण मे मिलतो रहा। कितने बार ही लाभंवित हुया। जहां चिकित्सक असहाय हुये,इनके आध्यात्मिक मार्गदर्शन के सहयोग के बाद उसी चिकित्सक जो अपने क्षेत्र मे काफी योग्य थी, अब सहज व सामान्य बता रही। वर्ष 1997 मे वे पत्नी के फेलोपिन ट्यूब में विसंगति के कारण मुझे दूसरे बार पिता बनने की संभावना से इनकार करती रही थी। वर्ष 1998 के अक्तूबर मे उसी चिकित्सक के क्लीनिक मे पुनः पिता होने का गौरव मिला। यह महज संयोग नहीं कहा जा सकता। अतःकरण ऐसे आनन्द से परिपूर्ण है। धन्यवाद रवीन्द्र कुमार
  25. Since 1998 I used to have regular and frequent sinus problem. Even after consulting doctors my discomfort continued. In August 2011, I was attuned by our Reiki and spiritual leader Dr. M.K. Bimal in Divya Jyoti Sansthan. Since then, under his guidance I have been practicing Om Sadhana, Jyoti Sadhana and Reiki healing, and have been attending his discourses on stress management. I am now cured of my sinus issues, and these practices have also helped me with prompt decision making, be full of energy and keeping my mind away from negative thoughts.
  26. विद्यार्थी जीवन में जब नौकरी नहीं हो रहा था तब जीवन में घोर निराशा, हीन भावना, आत्मविश्वास में कमी तथा बहुत ज्यादा मानसिक तनाव था। समय जैसे-तैसे कट रहा था तभी मेरे जीवन में आध्यात्मिक मार्गदर्शक डॉ मनोज कुमार विमल से मिलने का सौभाग्य प्राप्त हुआ। उनके मार्गदर्शन में दिव्य रेकी साधना, ॐ साधना,ज्योति साधना से जुड़ा। उसे प्रतिदिन अपने दिनचर्या का हिस्सा बनाया।फलस्वरूप सारे नकारात्मक भाव धीरे-धीरे खत्म होने लगा। धीरे-धीरे आत्मविश्वास में वृद्धि हुआ, याददाश्त शक्ति में वृद्धि हुआ और पुनः मन से पढ़ाई करने की अन्तःप्रेरणा का उदय हुआ।अंततः कुछ ही समय बाद कई प्रतियोगिता परीक्षा में उतीर्ण हुआ। अभी वर्तमान में उप मुख्य टिकट निरीक्षक(DyCIT) के पद पर कार्यरत हूँ।मानसिक तनाव हीन भावना, निराशा वगैरह खत्म हुआ। अपनी आत्मा, आत्मशक्ति, आत्मज्योति के बारे में जाना और उसे अनुभूति कर पाने का सौभाग्य प्राप्त हुआ। इस अमूल्य जीवन को समझा और सही जीवन जीने की कला का विकास हुआ, अपने जीवन के लक्ष्य एवं उस लक्ष्य को प्राप्त करने की विधि को प्राप्त किया।ये मेरे जीवन की सर्वोत्तम उपलब्धि है। उस आध्यात्मिक मार्गदर्शक को शत शत नमन।
  27. I am grateful to Divya Shakti Reiki as I got it for my attunement offered by reverend Guruji(Dr. M.K.Vimal).I was attuned by Guruji in 2011.l have recovered from all physical and mental problems such as acute allergy, migraines, breathing disorder, acute pancreatitis and severe depression through regular Om Sadhana, Jyoti Sadhana, Anahata Padma Sadhana and Reiki Sadhana. I am now leading a normal and smooth life.l hope the young generation will be benefitted through this Marg Darshan.
  28. Our Guruji is a true saint in the Vedic tradition. According to that, God sends many people on earth for the purpose of self-realization or union with him. Prior to meeting him, I had learnt only 'Gayatri Sadhana' and finding peace from it. Now our Guruji Dr. Manoj Kumar Bimal, who is described above, has made all of us devotees realize that God's existence can be manifested through many other 'Mantras' and 'Sadhana'. But if you are a lesser mortal with just a little of God's blessings, then you can be lifted up on the path of spirituality by such self-realized saints and saviors mandated by God like Muhammad Sahab, Nanak Sahab, Gautam Buddha, Lord Mahavir. It is very rare that such powers are realized by humans by God's grace and mandate given by God to lift others instantly through 'shaktipat'(forced spiritual realization). He has asked us disciples to do 'Om Sadhana', 'Anahat Padma Sadhana(Hari Om)' and 'Guru Padma Sadhana(Om namah Shivaya)'. But God and he himself know the different realizations of God's 'pure essence' that he has realized and mandated by God to teach others as he teaches us 'Mahamrityunjaya Sadhana', 'Devi upasana' and many other ways of union with God's all-powerful existence. As for myself, these all gradual realizations are ways of discovering child like simplicity and peace although they give you all-round health, prosperity and freedom from misery. May God give more power and global coverage to such saints like our Guruji so that the whole world realizes peace, prosperity and essential bliss in all human beings.
  29. Last year 2020 May is the time in my life which will never be forgotten. I was declared as COVID positive the time when the pandemic was on peak in UAE. I left alone my three children and wife. I got admitted in nmc Royal Hospital, Sharjah . When my friend Sanjay who is a brother for me supported me with this meditation. Since our religion was different but still he advised me to do this. He guided me and said that you remember your Allah, The Creator in this meditation and Insha Allah you will be fine. I did the same and he and his wife, my sister in law does the meditation for me. Indeed it effected me in positive way and by Allah blessing and the prayers of all the people I got recovered. The infection did not submerged more in my body and in just a week I got discharged and isolate myself in my room. I am really thankful to them. I just wanna say it is not a religion that we should always see but we should also see the thought ( niyat) of the people. I am thankful that we are surrounded by such a positive people who has a different thought and always ready to support others without looking at any caste or religion. This is the service for the Humanity. Best of luck and May Allah give you more progress in life my bro.
  30. 🕉 परमश्रद्धेय गुरुदेव, माँ जी को पूरे हृदय से नमन करता हूँ। मैंने अपना on request transfer प्रयागराज मण्डल से दानापुर मण्डल के लिए लगाया है।आप सभी साधकों से निवेदन है कि इसके लिए प्रार्थना करें ताकि मातृशक्ति एवं गुरुशक्ति की कृपा एवं उनका आशीर्वाद मिले जिससे इसके process में कोई रुकावट न आये।🕉🙏🙏 रणधीर कुमार
  31. I have been practising Aatm-Utkarsh program for over two decades. This program not only helped me to overcome depression, anxiety, but also, cured physical issues like Glaucoma and Alopecia Aerata (both auto- immune disorder). Revered Dr. Manoj Kumar Bimal, guides students at every level and his program strengthen mind and intellect. I cracked one of toughest job interviews for job. In such difficult time, this program is a must for Students for mind body balance. Success in studies and my career are due to association with such selfless Spiritual Guide. This program also, imparts moral value in students and enable to create good future citizens for our country.
  32. Starting mediation under the guidance of Guruji has been a life enriching experience for me. It has taught me to stay happy, calm and energetic throughout the day. I now sincerely believe that leading a spiritual life should be a lifestyle that we should all follow. I truly cannot put words to the experience and learning I received from Guruji. 🙏🙏
  33. In the year 2016, probably in the month of March, I came across a sadhika of our sansthan, Mrs. juthika Biswas through one of the friend of my husband unexpectedly.so this was the first miracle of my life.They came forward with a proposal of everyday healing in the center at Dumdum which was far away from my residence.with great difficulty I continued to be healed by a group of sadhikas who are all dedicated towards their selfless service.Second miracle I started getting relief in my Hodgkin's lymphoma symptoms though it was third stage.Third miracle in the month of July a seminar, attunement ceremony was to be held in Patna.They arranged everything even permission of Guruji of my attunement. My husband's attitude towards the process he along with my determination started the race.In every inch of difficulty my sadhaks stood beside me. I was checked up in Bombay Tata hospital who did not find any hope. Guruji wanted I should be treated in Tata medical hospital Kolkata. But the package was beyond my capacity and I was at a loss. Guruji was informed and within a very short period Tata hospital was empanelled health scheme and my treatment started there. Now that by the grace of Maa Shakti, regular Om sadhana,Jyoti sadhna, daily Reiki healing by all sadhaks and self healing religiously and of course by the proper treatment of Tata medical hospital. I am free from cancerous germs.
  34. In the year 2016, probably in the month of March, I came accross a sadhika of our sansthan, Mrs. Juthika Biswas through one of the friend of my husband unexpectedly.So this was first miracle of my life.They came forward with a proposal of every day healing in the center at Dumdum which was far away from my residence.With great difficulty I continued to be healed by a group of sadhikas who are all dedicated towards their selfless service. Second miracle I started getting relief in my Hodgkin's lymphoma symptoms though it was third stage.Third miracle in the month of July a seminar, attunement ceremony was to be held in Patna. They arranged everything even permission of Guruji for my attunement, along with my husband was attuned a came in contact with our revered Guruji and my confidence level Rose to its peak.My husband attitude towards the process and he along with determination started the race.In evry inch of difficulty my sadhakas stood beside me.I was checked up Bombay Tata hospital who did not find any hope.Guruji wanted I should be treated in Tata hospital Kolkata.But the package was beyond my capacity and I was at a loss.Guruji was informed and within a very short period Tata hospital kolkata was empanelled by Health scheme and my treatment started there.Now that by the grace of Maa Shakti, Daily Om sadhana, Jyoti sadhana daily Reiki healing by all sadhakas and self healing religiously and of course by the proper treatment of Tata Hospital. Now I am totally free from cancerous germs.
  35. In the month of June,2010 I had a massive cerebral attack as a result of which my right side was paralysed mainly the right hand and leg was not functioning.In 2013,my friend Kanchan Mukherjee along with his wife was attuned and he convinced me how he was benifitted.I agreed and in January 2014 a seminar was held where I along with my wife initiated.The first day after the initiation Guruji was briefing and I was to sit on the floor which I thought impossible but by the inspiration I sat on the floor and got up also without the help of anybody.It was the first miracle. In 2015 I was so polarised by doing regular sadhana as instructed by Guruji,I decided to go to Gurukul,Patna during Navaratri.Again in2016 I went to Patna during Navaratri and I wrote my experience of sadhana by myself before that I was not in a position to even sign.Thus by regular sadhana religiously I was so confident that I could make chapattis by myself alone from starting to finish.Next onwards I did not look back and started doing all necessary domestic work and even marketing which was so long was managed by my wife.So by the grace of Matri Shakti and Gurushakti now I perform the duty of a Bonafide family man.Guruktipa hi kevalam.
  36. I have been blessing s with spiritual sadhna guided by reverend guruji Dr. M K vimal since 2010.Before my attunement, a cyst was detected in my right ovary and the doctor advise for operation but through continuous Om Sadhana, Jyoti sadhana, Meditation Reki healing sadhana under the guidence of guruji and the blessings of Divya Shakti. I have been completely recovered from this problem by 9 months. I am a house wife of a middle class family, but under guidence of Guruji, looking after all my responsibilities to the family, I passed M. A at the page of 36.I am very much great ful to Guruji. I like to convey the massege to the young generation that they can achieve Eegarness, patience, concentration through this spiritual guidance if Guruji for their education and career which will lead them to a prosperus life.
  37. Following the teaching of Gurujii has definitely transformed my life. Through om sadhana, jyoti sadhana and Reiki sadhna i have recovered from physical and mental problems like it helped me to cured my jaundice and also helped me to overcome depression and anxiety. Now i am more calm and focused 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  38. Following the teaching of Gurujii has definitely transformed my life. Regular om sadhana and jyoti sadhana helped me to recover from physical and mental problems such as it cured my jaundice even doctor were shock that how I get recover from my jaundice in short time, and also it helped me to overcome depression and anxiety. Now I am more calm and focused which I was lacking before.
  39. I got immense benefit in physical, metal and emotional level. I was a inborn high myopia patient with very poor digestive system. After joining Scientific Reiki Healing Divine Meditation session of Sir, Dr. Manoj Kumar Bimal, my high Myopia (minus fifteen in both eyes) reduced gradually inspite of working 10 to 12 hours daily on computer and recently after cataract operation I have no minus power. My digestion power has improved a lot. Through practice of Divine Healing, OM and Full Moon Meditation, Anahat and Guru Padma Meditation taught by Sir, Dr. Bimal, my life has totally changed - got a new meaning of life - new dimension of life. I bow down my head on the lotus feet of Sir, Dr. Manoj Kumar Bimal, who has shown me the path of Spiritual Science and selfless Service to Humanity breaking all geographical barrier - barrier of cast, creed, religion... My appeal to all to come forward and join and get the nectar of Divinity.

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